Forging friendships on the field of play

Published on: 8th Jul 2017 20_06_15_0676

Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament will today feature some big names in the game, despite an age limit of 15 years

The Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament, which takes place today (Saturday 8 July), is an inspiring day of polo, the brainchild of the new President of the Argentine Polo Association, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, in association with Guards Polo Club. The unique feature of this event is that it focuses on the children of both our patrons and many of the game's high-goal players, encouraging the next generation of players to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Not surprisingly, considering the parents involved, there is plenty of vocal encouragement from the sidelines, plus some great names taking up umpiring duties. With a post-match BBQ on the Clubhouse Lawn for all connections, plus prizes everyone playing, this really is a wonderful day of polo.

This year we will be hosting two tournaments - the La Aguada Cup for those players aged 11 - 15 at 10am; followed by the Guards Cup at 11am for those players aged 11 and under.


La Aguada Cup Teams (11 - 15)

La Aguada: Cruz Heguy, Jemima Walker, Manu Novillo Astrada, Timi Badiru

La Martina: Antonio Heguy, Fred Thame, Rufino Merlos, Santiago Di Paola

Guards Polo Club: Segundo Darritchon, Tomi Ojara, Tom Jodrell, Silvestre Heguy


Guards Cup (under 11s)

La Aguada: Rhett Wooldridge; Shrey Rawal, Beltran Lauhle, Pedro Araya

Guards Polo Club: Vavara Borodina, Louis Hine, Tomas Ballasteros, Estanislao Darritchon

La Martina: Finlay Turner, Josh Hyde, Rufino Lauhle, Beltran Di Paola

Las Monjitas: Leoni Wittman, Rishya Rawal, Felix Toccalino, Celestino Merlos


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