Guards Polo News

08 Jul 2017

Forging friendships on the field of play

Guards La Aguada International Youth Tournament will today feature some big names in the game, despite an age limit of 15 years

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05 Jul 2017

Players swap ponies for Purdeys at charity shoot

Charles Stisted remembered with family and friends at Club's bi-annual charity shoot at Flemish Farm

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05 Jul 2017

HPA names players for Coronation Cup

Royal Salute Coronation Cup will deliver high-goal showdown featuring England v Commonwealth on 29 July

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03 Jul 2017

Shalimar shine in Hildon Archie David Cup

Kassem Shafi's team win UK's leading 8-goal tournament, while Tex8n Polo take Caterham Cup subsidiary

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26 Jun 2017

Park Place win Bentley Motors Royal Windsor Cup Final

Andrey Borodin adds his name to Guards Polo Club's oldest trophy, while Armis Snake Bite win Mountbatten Trophy

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19 Jun 2017

Cambiaso delivers Cartier victory for RH Polo

A thrilling Queen's Cup final, featuring La Indiana v RH Polo, brings the 2017 tournament to a brilliant close

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