Non-Playing Membership


Membership at Guards Polo Club is all about enjoying polo in a relaxed and inspiring setting surrounded by family, friends and like-minded people. As well as welcoming back established members, Guards Polo Club would like to open its doors to people who are yet to discover exactly what this exhilarating and skilful sport has to offer.



As a member of Guards Polo Club you and your guests, can be part of a Club proud of its royal patronage and glorious English setting in Windsor Great Park. On a summer's afternoon, Smith's Lawn and its grandstand seating offer a place to enjoy the day's polo in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The club is a bustling meeting place for playing and non-playing members who wish to soak up the ambience with a drink and a light snack.  Membership will also give you exclusive access to our Clubhouse, managed by the impressive team from Mosimann's at Guards Polo Club.Overlooking The Queen's Ground and housing a contemporary restaurant, bar and excellent facilities, the Clubhouse is the perfect place to relax and watch the polo.

Membership Benefits at a Glance

  • Experience the excitement of over 500 polo fixtures
  • Entertain guests in our elegant Clubhouse
  • Enjoy an exciting calendar of social events
  • View Queen’s and Duke’s ground matches from the grandstands
  • Relax in the Clubhouse Garden whilst your children enjoy the adjacent play area
  • Enjoy priority booking and discounted tickets for The Cartier Queen’s Cup Final & Royal Salute Coronation Cup
  • Keep up to date with regular newsletters and our annual yearbook
  • Gain privileged access to 20 overseas polo clubs

The Setting

Windsor Great Park, home to Guards Polo Club since 1955, has played a major role in the history of Kings and Queens for almost 1,000 years. Its 5,000 acres have served as a hunting ground for Edward the Confessor and provided timber from planted oaks for use by the Navy under Queen Elizabeth I. Changing times have seen the recent building of Savill Gardens' Visitor Centre behind our Polo Grounds and enhancements to the Heather and Valley Gardens adjacent to the club. Yet within the park still roam deer with blood lines which date back 500 years.

The Club

A typical day at Guards Polo Club starts with the Clubhouse opening at midday. Bar food is available daily plus a three-course lunch is served on Sundays. Mosimann at Guards Polo Club is also opening for dinner on Thursday evenings from 6pm - 8.30pm. Polo starts at 3pm at weekends and 4pm during the week (Tuesday-Friday), followed by match presentations and afternoon tea (2,30pm - 6pm). Our polo season runs from April to September offering over 500 matches.

New to the Game of Polo?


Polo is played by teams of four players. Matches are divided into periods of time called chukkas which last between 7 and 7½ minutes each. Every player is handicapped on a scale from -2 to 10 goals, with beginners starting at -2 and 10 being the best. There are only ever around a dozen players sporting a 10-goal handicap in the world at any one time. Each match/tournament has a handicap limit for entry and the sum of the four players' handicaps must be within those set tournament limits. For low and intermediate goal matches, four chukkas will be played; while five are played for medium; and six for high goal matches. After every goal is scored the teams change ends. Players can change ponies at any time, however they usually do this at the end of a chukka.