The Guards Polo Club Store by La Martina


The Guards Polo Club Store by La Martina will reopen on the first day of the 2016 season. In the interim the shop is open "by appointment". Please email Becky Simpson at In addition, La Martina's London flagship store in Jermyn Street is open all year round and will be stocking an expanded polo kit section during the winter months. For more details please email

The Guards Polo Club Store by La Martina will officially open for the 2016 Season on Saturday 9 April.

The store offers a stylish range of clothing from the beautiful bespoke ‘Guards Polo Club collection by La Martina’, as well as jackets, polos, jeans, fleeces and gillets, for the player, patron and polo team.

There is also a superb range of polo equipment and protective gear for both pony and player, including the Evolution helmet, carbon fibre reinforced elbow guards and the unique rubber-insert polo boots and kneepads

Opening hours in 2016 Saturday 9 April – Sunday 12 September:

Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm, the Store is closed on Mondays

The Store is open on Bank Holidays when polo is played (and if it is open on Bank Holiday then it closes on Tuesday instead), and stays open until late on special event days.

Guards Polo Club Store: +44 (0)1784 437962

Becky Simpson (Guards Polo Club Store Manager): +44 (0)7768 328102


Facebook:  Twitter: @lamartinapolo